Tongji University

Flight Vehicle Manufacture Engineering


Entry Requirements

Applicants should be between 18-25 years old (No later than Dec. 31st of that year, Dec. 31st included.), high school graduate or above,non-Chinese citizen, and in good health.

If the applicant is under the age of 18 before 31st August of the application year, please click here for specific requirement.

For the programs on Science and engineering: New HSK Band 4 certificate with total score no less than 180.

For the programs on Architecture, Management & Economics and Medicine: New HSK Band 4 certificate with total score no less than 200.

For the programs on Liberal Arts and Fine Arts: New HSK Band 5 certificate with total score no less than 180.

Requirement for freshmen (Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language):

Copy of New HSK Band 3 certificate with total score no less than 180;

Those who apply for bachelor program of Chinese language with New HSK Band 4 (total score:over 210) and one-year Chinese study experience, can start from Grade 2 after passing the placement test; and those with New HSK Band 5 (Total Score: over 210) and two-year Chinese study experience can start from Grade 3 after passing the placement test.

*The applicants of the following majors: Architecture, Urban Planning, Landscape Studies, Visual Communication Design, Environment Design, Industry Design,Product Design must submit 3 paintings (2 sketches and 1 watercolor).



Basic Information

·Starting Date : Sep 1 , 2021
·Duration: 4 Years
Teaching Language : Chinese
Application Deadline: May 15 , 2021
Tuition : RMB 24,600 Per Year
Application Fee: USD 75 ( Non-Refundable)
Service Fee: USD 100 (Non-Refundable)
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